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Domestic Harvesters

Our rainwater harvesting systems are the intelligent way to cut your water bills and help the environment, replacing up to 50% of mains water usage in and around the home.

Designed to the highest standards, the RainRetain Premium range consists of two complete systems - one for the home and one for the garden - in a range of sizes to suit different volume requirements.

Why choose a domestic rainwater harvester?

  • Can help reduce your domestic water bill
  • Designed for simple operation and easy installation - ideal for the self-builder
  • Easy installation at any angle, thanks to rotating turret on the neck of the tank
  • Low visual impact, thanks to telescopic lid that can be tilted to suit the ground level
  • Tanks are made of Duralen, a recyclable material which is tough, stable and lightweight
  • Robust design does not require concrete back fill and requires only a small excavation area compared with other tanks
  • Lightweight tank can be supplied in two halves for simple installation
  • High water table system available, enabling installation in groundwater or cohesive soil if needed

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Here are the options...

Our Home System

This ingenious system uses cutting-edge pump technology to run alongside the mains water supply into your house, switching automatically as required between stored rainwater and mains water. Thanks to a very efficient, self-cleaning filter it has a water yield of more than 95%.

When the holding tank is running dry, there is a small automatic charge of mains water into a separate storage tank. This ensures that the system will never run dry, but also that there is no mains water used unnecessarily once the main tank is filled with rainwater again.


  • Dry, wall-mounted pump control unit with automatic mains switch
  • Pump delivers rainwater to appliances at mains pressure
  • Equal wall thickness throughout the tank makes it stable, strong and reliable
  • Tank is made from Duralen, a recyclable material
  • Lightweight tank can be supplied in two halves for restricted sites
  • all duct DN100
  • Floating water extraction unit
  • PE suction pipe 12m


  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry
  • Garden irrigation
  • Car cleaning
  • General cleaning

Our Garden System

This system uses a combination of filter and a pump to supply rainwater for garden irrigation, car washing and general cleaning. The highly efficient pump is pressure-sensitive to ensure that electricity consumption is kept to a minimum, and has a 100% water yield.


  • Lift-out filter insert for easy cleaning
  • Submersible or dry-mounted suction pump
  • Easy hose connection in tank lid, with lift-up flap
  • Equal wall thickness throughout the tank makes it stable, strong and reliable
  • Tank is made from Duralen, a recyclable material
  • Lightweight tank can be supplied in two halves for restricted sites
  • Floating water extraction unit
  • Water hose extraction unit
  • Pressure hose 10m


  • Garden irrigation
  • Car washing
  • General cleaning

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Save upto 95% of the water you use and save money with rainwater harvesters...

enjoy the rain and save money...

Water has never been in higher demand - climate change, a growing population and shifting user habits mean we are consuming more of it than ever. The UK’s climate leads many people to think we will always have an abundant supply of water, yet often, we either have an over-supply or a drought. Harvesting rainwater can help in both these situations, as well as making sensible use of a free resource.

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domestic harvesters

Using cutting-edge pump technology that runs alongside your mains water supply, switching automatically between stored rainwater and mains water has a water yield of more than 95%.

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commercial harvesters

Bespoke, fully packaged, automated systems make rainwater harvesting and recycling easy for any commercial application.

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harvesters for schools

The RainBrain School system is designed to help schools become more sustainable and can contribute to qualifying for green flag status through the Eco-Schools programme.

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